Transplanting & Thriving: When Life has You on the Move

Join April Kroenke, CPP, AFP-OR, as she shows how she has been able to successfully transplant her business and have growth as she has moved with the military over the last 15 years.  She will share tips and strategies that she uses to serve the members of her new community to grow their business while growing her’s at the same time.  


Helping Your Client Get Ahead of the Competition

As photographers we are a wealth of knowledge that is truly untapped.  Join April Kroenke, CPP, AFP-OR, as she shares how you can go beyond offering the simple headshot.  Going beyond the simple headshot will help set your client apart from others and make a lasting impression.  We will discuss and learn how to use their headshots and images from their social media, blogs and  products to help share and spread their brand story. 


Posing, The Key to Making Your Clients Look Great

Do you struggle with posing your client as and want to learn how make them more comfortable and natural looking?  Then this is class is for you.  Join April Kroenke, CPP, AFP-OR, for this hands on class as she walks you though the techniques that she uses with all of her clients.  Not only will you learn how to pose your client, but you will get to experience what is like to be your client as you model for you classmates.


CPP What to Know & Where to Start

In this class April Kroenke, CPP, AFP-OR, Liaison will walk you through the journey to earning your certification as a professional photographer.  We will go through the two step process from what to study for on the written exam, the requirements and electives for the portfolio review, along with lighting tips.  So if you are wanting to take that big step toward earning your certification, this is the class for you.