I am here to help you start your journey towards your Certification with PPA!

Step 1 - Study Group for the Exam

Resources -

  • Steve Kozak's Book - Preparing for PPA Certification - $99 (this is the study guide that we will be working through, use "OPPA" for a discount on this study guide)
  • Al Audleman's Book - "Road to CPP" - 4th Edition - $125
    Contact him directly at Al@ASAPhoto.com
  • PPA Website - http://www.ppa.com/cpp/content.cfm?ItemNumber=4152&navItemNumber=4321

We will work this book a chapter at a time.  We will do a combination of in person and skype discussion sessions depending on the vote of the group and their time that they can set aside for this, which I encourage that you do so you will be well prepared for the exam.

At the end of our study journey I will be offering the CPP exam. 

Next round of Mentorship will begin January 23 - March 13th.  CPP Exam March 17th.

Register Here By March 11, 2018



Step 2 - Portfolio Review

You did! Congratulations on passing the exam!  

Now the second part of your journey begins...The Portfolio review.

Image Submission Information
Fifteen (15) unique photographic images are required.

  • The first six (6) images uploaded must fit within the compulsory guidelines showing a standardized technical proficiency that all professional photographers, regardless of specialty, should know. (These images may come directly from client files or may be set up to demonstrate the technique that is required. These images may contain the same subject.)
  • The remaining nine (9) images must be representative of your purchased work from nine (9) unique photographic assignments in the last 24 months. No two of the nine assignments submitted may be of the same subject, even if they were commissioned at the same time from different clients.
  • The image submissions should reflect in proportion the types of photography work/services you provide.

I will help you look at your images before you submit them for review.  I also encourage you to join the CPP Image Review group on Facebook once you pass your test and you will be able to see many many collections of work as others have been on this journey previously and currently.  This group is great but they will push you to be your very very best and can be tough at times.  Those that have listened have past the first time and those that did not have not done as well.  https://www.facebook.com/groups/CPPIMAGEREVIEW/ 

The Image Submission will be open during the following time periods:

I will share these new dates and times for 2018 once they have been released on the PPA website.

Candidates may upload images at any time during the two week window, but must upload all images before the deadline to be eligible for judging.



April Kroenke, is a Certified Professional Photographer (CPP) and CPP Liaison. CPP Liaisons assist candidates and existing CPPs as subject matter experts and sources of information. Each liaison must maintain his or her certification and PPA Membership, and is entrusted with responsibilities to maintain the integrity of the program.